Location Scouting: Where to Party for Weekend February 12th/13th

FRIDAY, February 12th

Dom Spotova, Kresimir Cosic square, 9:30 pm

Not a big fan of Valentine’s Day? Neither are these shock rockers. This bands are known for their outspoken disregard for authorities, conventions and false morals both in their fast paced music and real life. Let 3 is one of the biggest rock bands here right now, known for their shows filled with obscene, shocking and ludicrous stages and choreographs. Kawasaki 3P are stripped down of any dazzle but punch hard in the gut, and Morso are kind of there to keep the whole thing grounded with their ‘normal’ hard rock. Let3 will also be promoting their latest album Angela Merkel Takes a Dump.

Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 9 pm

When Bitipatibi came out with their first album in 2009 they blew the Beograd scene away and soon after disappeared without a trace. Now they’ve reemerged and, to great satisfaction of their fans, have started touring again. Tvornica Kulture is their first concert in Zagreb since 2009, and a guarantee of a good time for any lover of shoegaze and dream pop.

Mocvara club, Trnjanski nasip bb, 8:30 pm

For those that like their music with a little more shoe moving than gazing, Hardcore for the Hardcore brings three very different bands with the same hardcore attitude. Iamdisease from Slovenia with their old school punk, Zagreb’s Ponor with their hardcore and Malisa Bahat from Varazdin with their screamo will transform Mocvara into a giant mosh pit.

KSET, Unska street 3, 8 pm

If you’d like to see yourself on the stage rather than someone else, but at the same time be someone else, head over to KSET’S Maskaraoke. Part a masked party, part a non competitive karaoke and all fun, it’s not one of those karaoke nights where no one cares if you sing good. Masks get in for free (non-masks 10 kn).

SATURDAY, February 13th

Zeljeznicar Pub, Trnjanska street 1, 9:30 pm

Nomad Jam is not your typical party. Started as a periodical get together of musician friends at different art studios around Zagreb, it soon became bi-weekly event that gathered any musician who wanted to jump in and jam. It’s informal, unprepared, interactive, free, very down low when it comes to public advertising of itself and quite good. If you want to have a real underground experience of Zagreb, Zeljeznicar Pub is your best bet this Saturday.

Vip club, ban Jelacic square, 11 pm

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and Vip club is yet another venue that acts as a safe harbor for those that don’t like the gift card industry’s manufactured holiday. Unlike the Anti-valentine’s party on Friday with shock rockers, Vip club brings the best of never, ever, ever getting back together Taylor Swift tunes and other MTV hits dealing with break ups and other love problems.

Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall, Stjepan Radic square 4, 7:30 pm

The ballet that opened up a new page in history of the art form when it premiered in Brno, 1938, and then in a revised musical version in 1940 at Mariinsky Theater in Leningrad under the choreography of the great Leonid Lavrovskij. The ballet will be performed by the Royal Russian Ballet.

Tvornica Kulture, Subiceva street 2, 9 pm

Love songs. But with DJ’s like Rea, Indy, Pill Jackson et al, this love songs come in flavor of hip hop, trap, grime, drum ‘n’ bass, uk garage, two step and other.