Madness and Sadness of Cat Power at Tvornica Kulture

Cat Power is one of those singers that, no matter what music you like, grabs you the first time you hear her voice. It’s gentle but powerful, and honest. Add to that her self-destructive persona, a cigarette wielding, heavy drinking troubled artist on the verge of being a cliche, but never falling into it, and you get an artist that will captivate you even after all this years. With female pop singers being more a brand then a voice of their own today, Cat Powers is a refreshment, even after years and years of performing.

She’s been compared to Nina Simone and Patty Smith many a times. Not due to similarities in their musical expressions. One cannot compare them in that regard, but as a presence on stage, as a powerful female voice that strips away her bearer and gives her to the audience. It’s a constant that remained throughout her career and different genres she’s played with: from indie, folk and blues to punk and electronica, she remains a unique experience.

An experience that would be a shame to miss. Especially since she’s performing in Zagreb on September 9th at Tvornica Kulture club where she’ll play some of her greatest hits.

The concert starts at 9pm and tickets cost 120/140 kn.