Music, Sports, Arts, BBQ’s and Workshops as Snowboarders Celebrate New Season on Sljeme

Now that the new school year has started and everybody has returned to Zagreb, Sljeme peak at Medvednica is again becoming a favorite weekend excursion spot for the locals, replacing beaches, lakes and river banks. There’s probably no one happier about the fact than Zagreb’s snowboarders, who are already preparing for the next season.

Each year, to celebrate their return to the mountain, snowboarders gathered in Jeti club organize a day long Jeti Art barbecue with local bands, DJs, workshops and other activities on the first Sunday after school starts. This year it falls on September 11th.

The event is organized at the start of the white ski trail on Sljeme (bijeli spust) where the snowboarders have their shack. The event is also an opportunity to renovate the shack for the new season, which also includes well known local street artists repainting the outer walls, changing the appearance of the shack each year. Local street artists will also hold workshops and one day exhibitions alongside an exhibition of analog photography. The installments are scattered around the meadow in front of the shack.


Employees of Nature park Medvednica are also a part of the event, and will be holding ecology educational workshops for kids throughout the day. People will also be able to learn a bit about, and try out, acrobatic yoga and silk dancing.

The event starts from 12am.

Jeti art 2015 from Jeti snowboard klub on Vimeo.