Music That Turns Limits Into Possibilities on Showroom of Contemporary Sound

Showroom of Contemporary Sound is not your classical music festival that is, ironically, full of classically trained musicians. For the next four days Student Center at Savska street 25, will be a meeting point for 100 musicians, musical explorers, sound artists, composers and performers from 12 countries. 

‘They are honest in endeavors, relentless in attempts, creative in processes, open in the approach, curious and ready for challenges. Artists who turn limits into possibilities. Exactly those kind of participants make it possible to direct our festival towards exploration, process and development, giving preference to the music scene and community rather than merely following rules of the music industry’, said Davorka Begovic, festival’s art director while announcing this year’s program. 

The Showroom opens on May 5th and lasts until May 8th.

MAIN PROGRAM | May 4th – May 8th
permanent exhibitions:
Pajo’s Sound Tracks and Music of the Universe (introduction to Dragan Pajić Pajo’s archive) @ Theatre &TD caffe bar || OZAFIN ALU presents: Karlo Pavičić Ravlić: Media telephone @ Theatre &TD caffe bar || Digital Rendez-vous presents: Scenocosme: Acousmaflore – interactive audiovisual installation @ Theatre &TD atrium

6pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – lecture @ SEK hall (60′)
7,30pm – Telcosystems: Resonanz – audiobook presentation @ Theatre &TD caffe bar (45′)
8pm – Digital Rendez-vous presents: Scenocosme: La Maison Sensible + Metamorphy – opening – interactive audiovisual installations @ Gallery SC (till the end of Showroom)
9pm – S/UMAS Ensemble for Contemporary Music of the Academy of Arts of the University of Split @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (50′)
10,30pm – Chris Cutler & Fred Frith & Heike Liss & Susana Santos Silva @ Theatre &TD big hall (70′)
11,59pm – Interstellar Records presents: Opcion/Herbst @ MM Centre (40′)

FRIDAY, May 6th
6pm – Tim Hodgkinson: Music and the Myth of Wholeness – talk led by Robert Barry @ Theatre &TD caffe bar (50′)
7pm – Alvin Lucier: Vespers – performed by OZAFIN ALU students @ French Pavilion (15′)
7,30pm – Ivan Marušić Klif: Everything starts somewhere… – audiovisual performance @ SEK hall (45′)
8,30pm – Black Page Orchestra (program: Glojnarić, Ivičević, Kranebitter, Muntendorf, Schubert) @ MM Centre (60′)
10pm – Diego Espinosa: Items, Machines and the Performing Body as Instruments (program: Applebaum, Espinosa, Lach, Morales Murguia, Schwitters, Veličković) @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (60′)
11,30pm – Fred Frith & Tim Hodgkinson @ French Pavilion (50′)

6pm – OZAFIN ALU presents: Roko Crnić: Chair, Table and Stool (1st part) @ Carpenter’s Workshop in SC (20′)
7pm – OZAFIN ALU presents: Roko Crnić: Chair, Table and Stool (2nd part) @ SEK hall (20′)
8pm – More light – program: Ivičević, Lucier, Morales Murguia, Wettl || performers: Lightune.G, Farszky, Konfic, Pinjušić Bužančić, Sinković @ Theatre &TD big hall (50′)
9,15pm – Maja Osojnik & Patrick Wurzwallner aka ZSAMM: Let Them Grow @ MM Centre (50′)
10,30pm – Stian Westerhus @ French Pavilion (60′)
11,59pm – MMessy Oscillators 2.0 @ Theatre &TD semicircular hall (45′)

SUNDAY, May 8th
4DSOUND: Spatial Sound and Immersive Sonic Environments | Showroom’s Trip to Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest | live shows: Gábor Lázár & Davor Sanvincenti | Paul Oomen, 4DSOUND founder – presentation | spatial compositions | departure at 9am from the Student Centre, Savska 25 | arrival back to Zagreb around 10pm

partners’ program & recommendation
May 6 & 7 at 8pm
Marjana Krajač: Choreographic Phantasy No. 2 @ Dom HDLU (55′)