Narcissus Day: Fighting Breast Cancer With Flowers

Lines of people stood on Cvjetni trg (Flower square) from early morning today, March 19th, waiting their turn to buy Narcissus, the flower that symbolizes new beginnings, hope and rebirth. But the flower that shares so much association with spring has also come to symbolize something else in Croatia, a fight against breast cancer.
Narcissus Day is a traditional humanitarian action held in mayor cities around Croatia every spring with the goal of rising awareness about breast cancer, and gathering funds for early detection and prevention of it. The event is organized by Europa Donna Croatia, a pan-European NGO that promotes a fight against female related cancers. Narcissus day

The event will be held on Cvjetni trg throughout Saturday, where people can buy Narcissus flowers and inform themselves about the necessity of early detection and ways women can do it.  If you are passing by the square today, we encourage you to give a symbolic donation by buying a flower for someone you love and help a cause that might save somebody’s life.

Brest cancer is the most spread type of cancer in female population and early detection is crucial for a successful fight against it. The survival rate when detected early is 98%.

Narcissus day