Neighborhood cinema returns to Tudman square today

Kino u Mom Kvartu (Neighborhood Cinema) is returning to Franjo Tudman square today, bringing with it a retrospective of Croatian short film productions that won prizes on this years Kratki na brzinu short film festival in Sv. Ivan Zelina.

The screening start at 9 pm with Blatazar animated short, followed by Manjaca, Levitacija, Tlo pod nogama, 300 naopakih krizeva and Poklon predsjednika Nixona. It’s free but we do recommend to bring a blanket with you since the big screen is set in the middle of a meadow. That way you get to watch movies and have a picnic.

The idea of the project started by August Cesarec center for culture and film is to bring back movie screening to Crnomerec neighborhood that lost all it’s movie theaters and is supported and moderated by actors living there.