Nikola Tesla Technical Museum Celebrates 61st Birthday by Offering Free Tours

Nikola Tesla technical museum will celebrate its 61st birthday this Sunday, December 20th, with a day of free tours and a special interactive exhibition. The museum will pen its doors from 9am to 1pm, during which people will be able to explore the museum’s permanent exhibition that includes, among other things, a tour of a mine shaft, Nikola Tesla‘s cabinet and a planetarium show.

Visitors will also be able to check out The Alphabet of Money,  museum’s current educational exhibition for kids, and a brand new interactive exhibition Umpteen Faces of the Periodic Table of Elements, opening that day. Separated into three topics, the exhibition showcases the works of Dmitri Mendeleev, explores the periodic table’s predecessors and presents the history and ways in which the elements were discovered.

The museum is pulling out one more gift to the public for its birthday- the oldest (working) streetcar in Zagreb that had its first ride trough the city streets in 1926. The streetcar will set of at 9:30 am in front of the museum, and will do round around the city during winter holidays.

There’s a ‘grownups only’ part of the new exhibition as well. Using John Newlands‘ law of octaves (music can be scripted out of every chemical formula), a composition called ‘Sobering’ will be performed, based on chemical reactions in our liver after alcohol consumption.

Nikola Tesla Technical Museum is situated in Savska street 18, next to Cibona tower.