Old Town’s Hidden Courtyards Open Today With Free Concerts

One of the most anticipated events of the season, the old town hidden Courtyards, is opening today, July 15th, with a variety of concerts from local jazz, funk and cover bands in each of them. We’ve talked about the significance of each of the courtyards in the history of Zagreb, and that is mainly the reason local are rushing to visit them. Each courtyard will have a bar with different offers according to the context of the yard (with standard drinks, of course) and entry in all of them is free.

The Courtyards will take place from July 15th to July 24h, form 6pm until 12pm each day, with a variety of concert presentations and events in them throughout the duration of the event.

Balbi Palace, Demetrova street 11
Songkillers (acoustic) feat Nikola Marjanović

Erdödy-Drašković Palace, Opatička street 29
Melita Lovričević & Petar Ćulibrk (jazz, vocals and piano)

Meštrović Atelier, Mletačka street 8
Dreamers (retro covers, vocals and piano)

Private yard of the Milovac family, Opatička street 19
Chill out with vintage LP’s

Tko pjeva zlo ne misli, private yard, Basaričekova street 11
Gornjogradski Fuliri (old town folk songs)

Croatian Institute for History, Opatička street 10
Iva Smajver Trio (acoustic chill out)

House Frigan, Opatička street 27
Radovan Prstačić (French chansons)