Our three favorite f-words come together in one name- Food film festival!

Starting from September 11th, Zrinjevac park will be a place where three of our favorite ‘f’ words meet- food, films and festival.

Gathering some of the best restaurants, bistros, pastry and vine bars in Zagreb under one place, the first Food Film Festival will be treating its visitors with a variety of menus and products that can satisfy everyone’s appetite.

To top it all off, every evening during the festival a ‘food’ film the likes of Chocolate, Haute menus, Chef, Julie and Julia..will be shown for free while special menus based off of that movie will be served.

The food part of the festival will be opened from 11h in the morning and will last throughout the day, while the film starts every evening at 21h.

With lots of side activities such as workshops, educations, competitions and cook-offs, it’s going to bring a smile on every foodie’s face.

Food Film festival starts on September 11th and will be going on until September 20th. All the activities are free to attend. You can learn the details of the program on the festival’s site.