Photo Gallery: Challenging Humanism on the 51st Zagreb Salon of Visual Arts at HDLU

On Thursday, June 16, HDLU gallery (Home of the Croatian Association of Artists) had opened its doors to a selection of 31 of the best local visual artists for the 51st Zagreb Salon of Visual Arts under the joint theme of Challenging Humanism.

The Zagreb Salon is a renowned exhibition and one of the oldest national group exhibitions displaying the most recent art production – a contemporary art fair alternately focusing on visual arts, architecture and urbanism, applied arts and design.  Each Zagreb Salon, a different focus is set among the said fields (organized by Croatian Association of Artists, Croatian Architects Association and Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) with this edition focusing on visual arts.

‘Having taken into consideration the socio-political commotions culminating in the great wave of forced migrants from the East, and the media coverage ascribing them with the disintegration of Europe,  it was the intention for the 51st Zagreb Salon entitled Challenging Humanism to steer applying artists towards a critical reading of humanism within the ever dominant trinity of oppression – racism, sexism and speciesism, i.e. discrimination based on race, sex or species. To that end, we wanted our artists to explore ways how to visualize the Evil and the Good of today, how to visualize humanism in any of the visual culture media’, said Suzana Marjanić and Marijana Stanić, the curators of the exhibition, while explaining the concept on the opening night.

Zagreb Salon is one of the most prestigious exhibitions of national arts and a good indicator of the trends in regional art and media, and as such well worth checking out for any who are interested in visual art forms.

The exhibition will be held until July 17h, with entry fee being 20kn.


NOTE: All photos by Juraj Vuglač.