Photo Gallery: Floraart Festival and 250 000 Flowers at Bundek Lake

During most of the year, three colors dominate Bundek lake‘ landscape: green, blue and gray; the colors of grass and trees, water and the sky and pebbles on the beaches. That’s during most of the year, but for seven days, from May 30th until June 5th, the lakes landscape turns into a celebration of all of nature’s colors as more than 250 000 flowers and plants find their way there for Floraart, an international festival of flowers and gardening.

Floraart has 51 years behind it, and is a continuation of Zagreb’s long tradition of flower fairs and festivals dating back to 18th century. As such, it holds a special place in every local’s heart, even if classical gardening has gone out of fashion a little bit with each generation. Luckily, young people in the city are slowly returning to gardening, albeit with a more green and sustainable mindset rather than an aesthetic one, as more and more gardens sprawl on rooftops, courtyards, terraces and other inner city places, and Floraart keeps being one of the city’s staples.

You’ll find all sorts of seed, seedlings and full grown plants here, flower decorations, utilities and gardening related products. It also hosts an exhibition of best flower arrangements done by local florists, workshops, lectures, and DIY projects, a well as exhibits of 214 florists from Croatia and abroad.

A special section was added for children this year, with a flowery playground and free puppet play each day from 11 am until 6 pm. The festival itself is opened from 10 am until around 7 pm, with a variety of concerts taking place afterwards. Floraart festival is free.