Rose Wines, Green Olive Oil and the Women Who Produce Them at Mimara Musem

Women On Wine, an association that gathers women who work in the wine industry, be it as winemakers, sommeliers, enologists, journalists, sellers and winery owners, have organized 4th Pink Day at Mimara Museum, promoting rose wines and women who produce them in Croatia. The event is a mixture of wine tasting, fair and a networking platform opened to all wine lovers. The event started today, Saturday March 19th, at 12 am and will last until 8 pm.


The event gathers all the best rose wine producers in Croatia and internationally, not just women, and aims to promote this often overlooked yet extremely flavorful , light and flexible type of wine. Flexible not just in the way it blends with different foods, but also in its preparation, color and sweetness grading and sparkling levels. Many believe it is the oldest type of wine produced in history, due to the straightforwardness of methods used to create it. Blending is the most simplest way, when red wine is added to white, but is frowned upon by quality wine producers, even illegal in France. The wines from 80 local and international producers presented on Pink Day are not made by blending, so there’s no worries for all you French out there.

Aside from rose wines, there is a special section dedicated to local olive oil producers, who will present ten different oils from southern regions of Croatia.


Entry is free, but if you want to taste the wines, a mandatory purchase of a wine glass (50 kn) is needed, whit which you then get to taste the wines you find interesting. The event is opened until 8 pm, with an official after party at Sherry’s Wine and Bites bar (Ilica street 73, in the yard) starting from 7 pm.