Pop Up Concerts at Zagreb’s Botanical Gardens During Weekends

EDIT: Due to changeable weather forecast for this weekend (11th/12th), the organizers have decided to move the event to the next two weekends.

Zagreb’s botanical gardens are always a good place to take a rest from the frantic rhythm of city life, find a nice piece of shade under a variety of threes planted there, put your legs up and breath in the nature. For the next two weekends, it’s going to be even more zen then usual thanks to a brand new event happening there, Biljke i Svirke (Plants and Gigs) which will combine music and nature in a new and original way, thus ensuring that visitors get a unique, pop-up musical experience in a very special location.

On June 11th/12th and 18th/19th, Zagreb Botanical Garden will become the city’s own outdoor concert hall and a musical oasis in the heart of the city. In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, professional musicians and students of Zagreb Music Academy will be performing works of some of the most important composers and musicians in history, including Mozart, Bach , Debussy, Chopin , Frank Sinatra , the Beatles and Louis Armstrong. Scheduled performances will be covering a wide range of genres from classical and jazz to rock.

Antique pianos, violins, saxophones and trumpets will blend in with the nature and visitors will be invited to discover several concert locations within the garden, where they will be able to enjoy the music. Before and after the concerts, visitors will be encouraged to play something themselves, thus becoming active participants in the event, and maybe even discovering some hidden talents of their own.

The event will be free for all visitors, and the program will last from 11am-19pm.