Ready, set, go! A race through galleries in downtown Zagreb

Do you think you have too little time to visit all the galleries in Zagreb on your vacation? Well, when there’s a will there’s a way, and the best way to visit most of the galleries in downtown area in a minuscule amount of time is participating in RPG (Reli Po Galerijama). RPG is a four-hour race trough galleries starting with Picto and ending with ULUPUH. It was conceived as a fun way to experience what Zagreb’s galleries have to offer with a bit of a competitive note for a good measure.

Participants have four hours to visit 11 galleries in downtown Zagreb, taking selfies in each one to prove they’ve been there. The first ones to finish the race, or the ones with most galleries under their belt (or in their phone), will win a symbolic title of a cultural vanguard and some other stuff too (let’s be honest, experiencing culture in its own is reward enough).

The race starts on October 1st at 6 pm in Picto gallery, Branimirova street 29 (inside Branimir center) from where the participants will have to visit the following galleries (in no particular order):
Bravo <8
Galerija SC
Galerija Karas
HDLU Hrvatsko Drustvo Likovnih Umjetnika/Croatian Association of Artists
Galerija Juraj
Radnicka galerija
Matica hrvatska
Galerija Hrvatskog glazbenog zavoda
Udruga Umjetnost osmijeha

After the race ends in ULUPUH at 10 pm, the entire event will continue at the plateau in front of Potepuh bar (Dolac bb) with a concert and DJ’s. Participation and entrance to all the galleries is free.