First ‘Evenings of Animation’ Brings Seventy Years of Greek Cartoons to Kino Tuskanac

Evenings of Animation are a new project from ASIFA Croatia (Association Internationale du Film d‘Animation (The International Animated Film Association)) in assosiation with Croatian Film Union and Kino Tuskanac that aims to popularise animation as an art form and ASIFA as the oldest international organization of animatiors.

The program starts on Wednesday, January 20th at kino Tuskanac, with the first Evenings of Animation dedicated to Greece that celebrated seventy years of creating cartoons last year. One of the main attractions will be the film Duce Narrates, discovered in 1980, and considered to be the first animated film the country has ever produced. The retrospective of Greek animated films is selected by Vassilis Kroustallis from ASIFA Greece.

greek anime1
Dinner For Few by Nassos Vakalis

Evenings of Animation will be a continuous, all year program that will present different countries, authors, themes and genres in animation, hold round tables, debates and lectures about the art form and will aim to become a non-formal meeting point for students, professionals and fans.

The movie theater opens at 7 pm and is free for everyone.

The Village by Stelios Polychronakis
The Village by Stelios Polychronakis

Animated films shown at the first Evenings of Animation are:

Apodemy / Migrations
Katerina Athanasopoulou
2012 / 5 min. 3 sec.
The film approaches migrations as salvation rather than running away. The film won a Lumen award in 2013, one of the most influential international awards for digital art.

Frics / Bricks
Eleni Tsampra
2003 / 3 min, 15 sec.
The way money travels from hand to hand and changes it does to people.

The Hole
Iordanis Ananiadis
1983 / 7 min
A satirical depiction of Greek realities in which the protagonist gets out of the hole he lives in, faces the ‘real’ world, and dives into the hole even deeper.

The Line
Yannis Koutsouris, Nassos Mirmiridis
1973 / 3 min
People move in  a straight line, directed by unseen hands. Whoever disrupts the line, disappears forever.

Theodoros Maragkos
1971 / 5 min, 52 sec.
The film with a hidden satirical message created during the Greek military junta (1967 – 1974), known by its alternative title The Colonel’s Regime.

Mirror Stage
Spyros Siakas
2005 / 9 min, 9 sec.
A marionette wants to become an animation so it could dance without strings and help people.

Stratos Stasinos
1979 / 4 min, 46 sec.
A man suffocates while walking a big , impersonal, cold and heartless city that seems abandoned.

Duce Narrates…
Stamatis Polenakis
1942 – 1945 / 6 min, 48 sec.
An antifascist satire about Mussolini using lies to try and cover up his defeat in Greece. Polenakis started his film during the fascist occupation of Greece in 1942 and finished it on 1945, after the liberation. The annotations on the films opening state: This is a short animated film done in style of Mickey Mouse, and it’s the first of its kind made in Greece. Please be considerate and appreciate our attempt rather than criticizing it.

The Village
Stelios Polychronakis
2010 / 14 min, 24 sec.
A doctor is called to a remote village with an urgent message. After a long and hard journey, he discovers that the village is empty.

Scent of City (Odeur de ville)
Georges Sifianos
1994 / 8 min, 13 sec.
A woman lives with her cat in an attic of a big city. As time passes she starts to identify herself with her cat…

La grasse matinée
Natalia Kostopoulou & Sylvie Bringas
1992 / 2 min, 25 sec.
A short surreal film inspired by a song from Jacques Préverta.

My Mothermin’s Coat
Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
2010 / 6 min, 6 sec.
A mother talks about Athens after the dictatorship, her attempts to adjust to Greek mentality, memories of her motherhood and yearning to return to her home town in Italy.

Dinner For Few
Nassos Vakalis
2014 / 10 min, 7 sec.
An allegory of social and political order and attempts to survive in the hierarchy of social constructs. Dinner is progressing as it should- a few feast while other gather crumbs underneath the table. When the food is gone, the dinner ends in a crescendo of violence and destruction.

The Holy Chicken of Life and Music
2010. / 3 min, 37 sec.
The Holy Chicken is magnificent, all bow to it and exploit it. This is a story of love, regret, art and science, life and music.

Routes / Roots
Anastasia Dimitra
2011 / 1 min, 20 sec.
A shew of human thoughts and psyche. The games the mind plays are sometimes dark and depressing, sometimes joyful and superficial. The symbolism in the film is reinforced with strong expressionist elements.