Shortest Public Transport in World, Zagreb Funicular, Reopens for Public

One of Zagreb’s most popular attractions, the funicular that connects Ilica street and the Old Town above it, has been out of commission for the last two months due to reconstructions and repairs. The last tourists to ride on it were prince Charles and Camilla during their stay in Zagreb, which is probably the reason the repair started so close to the tourist season. The repairs left a lot of tourists disappointed, even we were surprised by the amount of questions from our readers about the re-opening.

Well, from this week on the funicular is back in action. With only 66 meters (217 ft) of rails, the funicular is the shortest public transport in the world. The ride from bottom to top (and vice versa) lasts around a minute and the wagon can take in 28 passengers. It was built in 1890 as a steam engine wagon, but was turned into an electrical one in 1934.

Due to its unique properties, the funicular has a status of a historic cultural monument.

Taking a ride in the world’s smallest funicular will set you back 4 kn in one direction.