Skies Over Zagreb Will Light Up for the 16th Festival of Fireworks at Bundek Lake

A spectacle of sound, colors and technical prowess awaits you at Bundek lakes this weekend, June 17th – 19th on the 16th Festival of Fireworks that gathers the best Croatian, Polish and Italian pyro-technicians and firework artists. In its fifteen years of existence, the festival has hosted artists from Germany,China, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Philippines and many other countries, each one bringing a specific cultural approach to their fireworks show.

The festival held on the banks connecting Bundek lakes and Sava river (third bus stop from the central train station, almost all buses from there pass next to the lakes) hosts two ten minute shows from the team presenting itself that day, first a children’s fireworks show at 10:10pm, and a second, competitive show at 11:35pm. The first show is in free form, letting the competitors choose the music they match their fireworks with.


On the second show the competitors have to show their creativity by matching a part of their spectacle to a specific 3 minute song. This year its Ivo Robić‘s Tebi, Grade Moj (To You, My City), one of the best known hits from Zagreb’s legendary chanson singers.

The Italian Scarpato Pirotecnica and Polish Surex teams are facing off against the locals from Mirnovec Pirotehnika, with the audiences scoring the teams after their performances. The winning team is the one that gets the highest score. Aside from the fireworks shows, the festival will host an amusement park, all kinds of fair foods and a free concert in between shows (the concerts continue after the second fireworks display).

The teams compete in order: Poland – June 17th, Italy – June 18th, Croatia – June 19th. Entry fee to the festival is 10 kn and the entire happening starts from 8pm each day.