Sofa Surfers To Play Charity Concert For Refugees at Mocvara Club

The kings of Vienna electronic scene, Sofa Surfers, are coming back to Zagreb for the third time, promoting their latest release Scrambles, Anthems and Odysseys and gathering funds to help refugees. They will play a concert at Mocvara club, Trnjanski nasip bb, on Sunday, December 13th, starting from 9 pm.

The album released this year marks a return to the roots of their music, abandoned in their last three albums for a more rock, instrumental sound, deprived of heavy samples and digital effects. Sofa Surfers’ eight album sees them returning to the old electronic ways with a new attitude, much appreciated by the fans of their early and breakout works.

The concert is held as part of the 13th Human Rights Film Festival, with all the profits from ticket sales going to NGOs that help refugees.