Start of Advent in Zagreb Celebrated by Thousands

Thousands of people gathered in downtown yesterday evening to celebrate the start of Advent in Zagreb. From the ice park on king Tomislav square to Europe Square with a thousand hearts, the streets were so filled public transport had to be halted. And for good reason, as a cooked wine was warming and concerts across the center of the city made everyone dance.

Zrinjevac Park gathered the most crowd for the traditional lighting of the ornaments that turn the park into a winter wonderland during Advent.

Advent Europe Square

Nipplepeople, a popular electric pop duo, had opened Advent with an hour and a half concert on Europe Square to the delight of everyone gathered, marking the start of thirty-eight days of great music, tasty foods, hot drinks and colorful scenery across the city.

Europe Square will host live shows of young bands from the local scene every day of the week for the duration of Advent, continuing with Mel and Thunders, prominent jazz musicians of newer generation playing standards, gypsy swing and jazz renditions of music from animated films. The concert starts at 8:30 pm, followed by a DJ after party.