Communist’s Wild West, Rooftop Parties and Contemporary Art – Summer at MSU

The building of Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU, Dubrovnik Avenue 17) in Zagreb is a complex and vast one, but still pretty well used in terms of space. One big part of it, however, is rarely used – the roof. With the summer often being a downtime for most museum activities in Zagreb,  folks from MSU have decided to spark a little life into the institution and have set up a series of rooftop concerts at the museum.

And we’re talking some tried and true local bands here, playing every Saturday until July 23rd. Each time a film selected by Metropolis cinema will be screened before the concert (6pm and 8pm), and people who buy tickets for the concert automatically get an entrance to the current exhibition Wild West – NeoAvantgarde from Wroclaw (ger. Breslau)The exhibition presents works from artists that worked and created there after WWII, when the entire city was destroyed during a siege, and it took decades to rebuild it into a shadow of its former self.

From a communist East-European perception, the city at the edge of two ideologies was considered a wild west.

The exhibition presents artworks, films, documentary photographs, objects and audio recordings from the fields of the visual arts, architecture, urban planning, theater, film, design, and everyday life in Wroclaw from the 1960s through today.

The bands playing are:

June 25

July 2nd

July 9th

July 16th

July 23rd

Tickets for the concert, exhibition and screenings (85 kuna per event) can be bought HERE, or at the reception of the museum during working hours.