Taste of Local Craft Beers at Opatovina Beer Fest

Zagreb has had a little revolution in the last two years when it comes to beer. Small local breweries had started popping out all over the city when Croatia entered the EU, and they were making a wide range of quality beer that took the cit by the storm. A definite moment of this slowly brewing revolution was the Craft Beer Fest at Potepuh square last summer. The sheer number of people on the festival was a clear sign that local craft beers had outgrown their in selected hip(ster) joints status and became a must in every bar’s selection.

Due to ownership changes at certain establishments that initiated the festival (it’s organized by eight bars at Opatovina street), it’s called Opatovina Beer Fest this time around, but it’s basically the same festival. On July 22nd and 23rd local brewers, fifteen in total, will present their beers with plenty of new selections premiering on the festival. A few brewers from Austria, Ireland and Slovenia will also be present on the festival. The entire street will become an open pub serving some fine craft beers.

The taps will open in afternoon hours, when the sun eases up a little.

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