European square brings the world on a plate to Zagreb

Starting today, for the next ten days Europe square will widen its borders too all corners of the world, at least when food is considered. Thirteen countries will present their cuisines during the World on a Plate food festival, each day presenting specialties from a different country.

world on a plate

‘We handpicked the best ethnic restaurants in Zagreb, known for their authentic approach in preparing the meals. Also we’ve prepared a program for each day which presents some of the cultural specificity of the country who’s food we present that day.’ said Tea Sergom, one of the organizers.

Croatian, French, German, American, Macedonian and Korean, Turkish, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian specialties will be available throughout the festival, while each day is reserved for concerts, sports, games and folklore dances of a specific country.

You can check out the program on their Facebook page.

The festival is free and opened every day from 11 to 22 hours, except on Saturdays when it will be open until 23h.