Tattoo Artists Commemorate Scene Legend That Passed Away Last Year With a Tattoo Marathon

Thirteen tattoo and piercing studios from all over Croatia will set up a temporary two day shop on Thursday and Friday, March 10th and 11th at Vintage Industrial Bar to honor a legendary tattoo artist Goran Crnjac ‘Crni’ (Black), from whom many artists themselves have gotten some of the tattoos they have. Crni had passed away suddenly last year after a short and harsh illness.

The artist will be doing tattoos and piercings live in the club, with all sanitary standards at place, from 12 am until 8 pm, with parties after that. Anyone who wants to get a tattoo has to contact the artists directly and set up an appointment at Vintage, while piercings will be made at hoc, with people standing in line.

Tattoo prices vary based on what the costumer wants, while piercing prices are set at 200 kn for surface piercings, nipples, genitals and tongues and 150 kn for all other piercings, ornament items included.

Crni, an art mayor at the Academy of Fine Arts fell in love with tattooing during his studies, and while he did continue to sculpt and model, tattooing was his passion which was seen in his work, some of the best in the region. He was taken by cancer, living his new born child and wife without financial means.  All profits from the second conference go to his family.

You can see which tattoo studios participate and their contacts on the event’s Facebook page.