The best 7 oldies about Zagreb (that you don’t need to understand to enjoy)

All great cities inspire poetry. Zagreb is no different. Its bars, streets, parks, people and neighborhoods have inspired many to sing love songs to the city, to the idea of it, to that feeling of home. We bring you the best five oldies that every local, no matter the age, always likes to hear.

Marko Novosel- Zbog cega te volim

Zvonimir Krkljus- Pjesma Zagrebu

Ivo Ribic- Tebi grade moj

Zdenka Vuckovic- Vracam se Zagrebe tebi

Jadranko Crnko- Zagrebackim ulicama

Drago Diklic- Zagreb je najljepsi grad

Zvonko Spisic- Zagrebacke spancirancije

Stjepan Dimi- Kuzis stari moj

Now this last one is not tehniclly about Zagreb itself, but after so many years it still depicts the state of mind of every born and raised local perfectly, so we smuggled it in the list.