Tomiceva Turns Into Wine-lover’s Street This Thursday

With the autumn around the corner, everybody in Croatia has one certain obligation this month – going to a grape harvest. There’s always at least one member of the family or in our social circles that has a vineyard in Croatia, and they are not afraid to utilize friends and family in their production of wine. But that’s ok, since the old stock has to go out of the barrels before the new must comes in, and there’s always a barbecue around for good measure.

But before the harvests begin (they start mid September) Wine-lover’s club Zagreb (Vinoljubci) is turning Tomićeva street into a wine street to remind us of the best produce that came from last year’s harvest in Slavonia and Podravina regions, known for some tasty wines.

The event starts on September 15th from 5pm and lasts until 10pm. It has an admission fee of 70 kn (single person) and 120 kn (pair). With it you get a glass and an unlimited amount of wine offered on the event. You can pre-order your tickets HERE.