Traffic restrictions due to preparations for a military parade

Moving around Zagreb may be a bit more difficult in the next few days due to traffic restrictions during preparations for the military parade being held on Tuesday.

From Saturday until Wednesday traffic will be completely banned on grada Vukovara street from Drziceva to Nova cesta street, parts of Miramarska street and Savska from Slavonska to Tratinska street. Traffic will be restricted in the streets orbiting the path of the parade.

It is highly recommended not to park in the vicinity of those streets as parking bans will be in place during those days on most parking lots. Police officer will be placed on certain points around the restricted areas. If not sure where you can move and park freely in that part of town during the preparations, consult the officers on the filed.

The military parade is being held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of ‘Oluja’ (Storm), a military operation that most consider to be pivotal in the war for Croatia’s independence.