Vote for the Prettiest Mixed Breed Dog in Zagreb at Stross Promenade

On Saturday, July 2nd, Zagreb is having the most important beauty pageants of the year! If you are a mutt owner. A competent jury of random people who find themselves at Stross promenade on Saturday will vote for the most beautiful mutt in the city, no purebred dogs allowed in the competition.

Started a few years back as part of Cest is d’Best festival, the miss/mister mutt is a tongue in cheek competition in the spirit of the street festival: to find beauty, joy and richness of life in moments, people and places far away from marketing paddled, consumer driven standards of beauty and good life. And who better to represent that then mutts, the literal underdogs among the dog breeds, forbidden to compete at dog shows.

‘With the ever rising number of competitions and shows of ever more pure and pedigree dogs, we wanted to give a little spotlight to the cousins of those stars. The mutts are our friends, our neighbors we see on the street every day. The tangle between human legs and wiggle their tails joyfully as they live trough their dog days in the most beautiful city in the world. Just like us’, said Kings of the Street, the organizers of Cest is d’Best.

The competition starts from 4pm at Stross promenade. Entrance is free and anyone who comes with a mutt can compete.