A Week Long Party Around Zagreb’s University Campuses for SCool Fest

Collage finals are hard. That’s why each year campuses around Zagreb trow all out parties before the finals, one last party binge before students go hide in libraries and dorm rooms, not to be seen or heard from until July.

Ok, if you went to collage you know that last part about students stoically learning is iffy at best, but nobody here questions excuses for having a good time. Those campuses parties are hugely popular on their own, but this year they decided to all work together and for the first time create an ongoing, week long festival of campuses – SCool Fest (Student Center (SC) is the central administrative and cultural institution for the student body in Zagreb).

There are also a lot of cross campus street sports tournaments , panel discussions, lectures and such during the week, but from a perspective of a tourist looking for fun, two dates stick out, May 25th and 27th.

On both of those days will trow open air concerts with afterparties on three floors in Student Center courtyard and adjacent building where the mess halls and bars are.


Musicians featured on Wednesday are Neno Belan and Edo Maajka. There are no official statistics which musician was ambushed and asked the most to sing a part of their song into a phone camera as a wedding surprise for this and that friend, but if there were, Neno Belan would probably be at the very top. Edo Maajka, on the other hand, is one of the best hip hop artists in the region, with a sharp tongue, poignant lyrics and crude but effective Bosnian humor that nails the pints home.

Friday is reserved for a little bit more summer vibes, as Ljetno Kino and Kuzma & Shaka Zulu bring their island rock easy going songs to the stage. Each concert is followed by an after party with three DJs.

Both concerts start from 8 pm at Student Center, Savska street 25, and are free if you register for them online.