Where to Party for New Year’s Eve in Zagreb (CLUBS)

A popular (and cheap) way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Zagreb for those that have not reserved their seat on some exclusive party somewhere, is on squares around the city, with locals gathering before midnight for the countdown. After that, most of the people disperse to bars and clubs around the city center, with clubs having a mandatory champagne and snacks in their program that you need to RSVP for, but otherwise have a normal clubbing lineup.

For those who want to dance the old year away, we bring programs in clubs around the city center.

VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL BAR (90kn pre-sale/140kn at entrance)

Ljetno Kino is one of those bands that you are always glad to hear no matter the time of year. With their ‘island pop’ (a distinct sub-genre of pop and rock that comes from Croatian islands and that reflects their easy going, happy go lucky view of troubles in life with high emphasis on chilling by and on the sea) melodies they take you back to summer days is a good way to enter a new year with positive vibes.

KSET (240kn all you can eat/drink)

KSET (students of electronic and computer sciences club) is best known as a club ran by students for students with a rich underground and alt scene programs. New Year’s Eve will see a lineup of all the resident DJ there playing their favorite pop and rock mixes with unlimited supply of drinks and food you get when buying a ticket.

KATRAN (100 pre-sale/120 at entrance)

Katran Museum and Shock Show Industry are two clubs working next to each other in an abandoned tar factory complex and often have complementing programs. Rezident DJ Don Tom will headspear the party on the main floor with three more floors added for diversity, playing hits from ’70, ’80 and ’90, electronica and funk.


Pepermint’s NYE party will have some funky, swing and pop in the mix with resident Stanko turning tables for the guest’s entertainment. Banquet on the second floor, welcome drinks and champagne at midnight are included in the price.

VIP CLUB (240kn)

VIP club offers a mash up of all their programs, from EDM, trash pop, house to MTV hits and Kanye/Drake back to back mixes. All drinks are free.


Resident DJs will play recent pop hits with an open buffet, welcome drinks and champagne at midnight included in the price. History Village is known as a club frequented by younger generations.

MOCHVARA CLUB (35kn pre-sale/49kn)

Mochvara club has a reasonable price and a no NYE resolutions policy. Mario Kovac, a cult persona on the cultural scene, be it as a theater writer and director, club DJ, Elvis impersonator or weed activist, will play his selection of greatest hits by decades, starting from the fifties and going onward as the night progresses.


BBF is a hard rock bar so you know what to expect. An all you can drink/eat setup with hard rock over band Rockheads will entertain any headbangers that wish to celebrate NYE by rocking out.

TVORNICA KULTURE (55kn pre-sale/75 at entrance)

Tvornica kulutre (Culture factory) is having one of the biggest parties out there in association with Radio 101’s DJs. 101 is a legendary radio station in Zagreb due to their long history of fighting for freedom of speech in the ’90 and great playlists that deviate from hit based norms. Ironically, their DJs will play a ‘101 greatest hits of the year’ mix on the first floor, with up and coming DJ talents playing 101 indie hits or ‘songs you cannot hear on the radio mix’ on the smaller, second floor.