Perforations, Traveling Performance Art Festival Comes to Zagreb

Perforations is one of those festivals that goes under the radar of wider audiences but has a constant growth and all around  great performances throughout its eight years of existence. Besides being the only performance art festival in Croatia, it’s unique in one other way: it’s a traveling festival, staying in one city for five days and then moving on to another. After finishing up in Rijeka, Perforations have came to Zagreb yesterday and opened the festival with a great performance from choreographer Bruno Isaković raSKRIVANJA (unHiding).

It was just one of thirty performances that will be performed at the festival under the common theme of identity and borders. The performances will take place at Zagreb Dance Center, Ilica street 110, and Theater &td at Student Center (Savska street 25).

If you’re into performance art and want to check out the best regional pieces of the past year that tackle with identity and borders, you can check out the schedule HERE.

The festival will stay in Zagreb until June 20th, with the highlight being on Saturday, June 18th, when a Night of Performances will occur. Night of Performances is an open call to local concept and site specific artists to come and present their installations, sound/light/movement experiments, spacial interventions and new models of interactions with the public.

Night of Performances will take place at Student Center alongside the regular program of the festival.

All shows and performances are free.