World festival of animated films Animafest Zagreb

Zagreb has always been a home to great animated films, giving one of the world’s most known schools of animation its name- Zagreb’s school of animated films. The success of authors working under that name during the 1950s and 1960s was the main reason that the International Animated Film Association (IAFA) initiated the creation of Europe’s second oldest animated film festival– World festival of animated film Animafest Zagreb.

Since it had started, in 1972 as a biennial for short length features, Animafest has continually attracted the best talents in animation making Zagreb one of the most prominent cities in the industry and art form as a whole.
Animafest’s two-year cycle was cancelled in 2004., making it an annual event by adding a feature length film edition on the odd years.

The Master (d. Riho Unt)

This year the festival had one more change, merging the short and feature editions into one.
The reputation of the festival is vast, and the winners of the Grand Prix are directly nominated for the Oscars and Cartoon d’Or.

Aside from the Grand Prix, Animafest also gives out a Lifetime Achievement award unique to the world of animated film and an Award for outstanding achievement in animation theory, as well as prizes for Student Films Competition, Children Films, Educational Films, Commercials, Music Videos and Films Made for the Internet.

Song of the Sea
Song of the Sea (d. Tomm Moore)

The festival’s logo has been a letter Z since it’s beginnings, symbolizing the synergy of the festival with Zagreb, having been held in the city’s most renown institutions, from Lisinski concert hall to Europa film theater, the latest host.
The festival is held every year around mid-July. For more information about Animafest, its laureates, programs, and workshops, visit their web page.