Young Artists Break the Sound of Silence on Sound Art Incubator

Starting this Monday, the third edition of Sound Art Incubator in Mocvara Gallery, Prisavlje bb, brings together young regional artists that explore sound as an artistic medium in different ways.

Sound Art Incubator is a contest based project and is focused on providing support to young artists, students of art academies and universities, mostly from new media studies, as well as emerging artists regarding full realization of their artworks dealing with sound as a medium or a topic.

The Incubator is set up as a group exhibition with performances and interactive and environmental installations, featuring thirteen artists with eight original projects ranging from bugging one’s own internal organs to sound reminiscences of an intimate family past in the period of late socialism.


Since Luigi Russolo‘s L’Arte dei Rumori manifesto in 1913, sound and its transformative and more complex nature in the industrial landscape has been an interest for many avant-garde movements,  from futurism, dadaism and surrealism to conceptual art, minimalism and sound poetry. Today, sound is becoming an ever more prominent factor in contemporary art as media and technology associated with it become more accessible, complex and easier to manipulate for the artists.

The exhibition starts on Monday, October 26th and is opened until October 29th. Each day starting from 5 pm as many of the exhibits are interactive or have some performative elements in them. Entry is free.