Zagreb Becomes One Giant Open Air Stage for World Music Day, June 21st!

On June 21st, Zagreb is becoming one big concert stage, as dozens of both amateur and professional musicians play for free around the city for World Music Day.

In 1976, American musician Joel Cohen, then an employee of a French radio, had an idea of a day in which the world celebrated music and all the joy and good it brought to all of us. The day he proposed was June 21st, on summer solstice, the day that humanity had celebrated throughout its history as one of life and rebirth.  Then current French Minister of Culture Jack Lang had accepted the idea in 1981, and a year later the first World Music Day came to life. Starting of as a celebration of music in France the event had eventually spread to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Pakistan and other countries.

Since 2005, the event, with the slogan faites de la musique (Let’s Make Music), got an international character. More than one hundred countries and their musicians now partake in the celebration. Ten cities around Croatia will join in on the 2016 celebrations, with Zagreb having twelve open air stages set up around the city center where street performers, choirs, folk ensembles, bands, amateurs and professionals alike will celebrate music.

In the tradition of the Day, almost all mayor genres of music will be presented on those twelve stages, starting from around 4/5pm on most of them.

17:30 Kvartet Gubec & T.S. Savski valovi
18:10 Trinete
18:50 Žiga & Bandisti
19:30 Helena Bastić & Nino Nimac(git)
20:10 Davor Radolfi & Ritmo loco
20:50 The Voice finalists

16.40 Neven Dužević
17:20 Dragutin Hrastović
18:00 Dinamit duo
18:40 Psihoza bend
19:20 Besplatno piće
20:00 MALEK & Fitscho

EUROPSKI TRG (Europe square)
16.40 Željko Mazavac
17:20 Funk Jazz Junk
18:00 Vesna Gorše
18:40 Vid Hribar trio
19:20 Sunrise sessions
20:00 Mr Dynamite

17:40 Duo Rusty Strings
18:20 Gospel choir Sunce
19:00 Klapa Maksimir
19:40 ŽVA SiDone
20:20 Čipkice

17:00 SO DO – El Sistema Hrvatska & Čarobna frula choir
17:40 Kolibrići choir
18:20 Kikići & Genijalci choir
19:00 Svemir
19:40 Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band
20.20 Tone & Viktorija

17:20 Soul Silk
18:00 Only Once
18:40 Vrijeme ljubavi
19:20 Poohsnaps
20:00 Country strike OK

BAN JELAČIĆ square (2nd stage)
17:00 Zagorski veseljaki
17:40 Dr. Vinko & milicija
18:20 ČKD Praha
19:00 White box
19:40 No limits
20.20 Musicology

17:00 Đurđica Crnogorac
17:40 Acoustic laganini duo
18:20 Acoustic LEM
19:00 Matt Shaft
19:40 Zona ozona
20:20 Shadon pearls

17:00 Clouie
17:40 Martina Šver
18:20 Genova
19:00 Proleter
19:40 Behave
20:20 The A!

16:30 Izlet
17:00 Fun Q
17:30 Sammy & Natalie
18:30 Mjuzikl
19:30 44 Blues
20:30 Bad Mushrooms

CVJETNI square
17:00 Bad Mushrooms
17:40 Skaut
18:20 Dino Jelusić
19:00 Adastra
19:40 Radio Luksemburg
20:20 Judette

ART PARK (ILICA/TOMIĆEVA street entrances)
17:00 VENOM feat REMI
19:30 CHILL