Zagreb in Top Ten South European Cities (Twice!) According to Financial Times Review

Financial Times‘ bimonthly publication focusing on foreign direct investments,  fDi Magazine (part of FT’s fDi Intelligence portfolio of investment products and services) has ranked Zagreb as forth in category of human potentials and life style and ninth in category of best foreign direct investments in  South European cities of the future in their current European Cities and Regions of the Future review for 2016/2017.

The review gathers information about 481 locations (294 cities, 148 regions and 39 local entrepreneur partnerships) in six categories: economic potential,  working environment, profitability, infrastructure, predisposition for entrepreneurship and foreign direct investments strategies.

Zagreb came in forth in the category of human potential and life style, behind Oslo, München and Hamburg, and ninth in best South European cities of the future for foreign investments, with Istanbul taking the lead position.

Jastrebarsko, a town under the jurisdiction of Zagreb County has also been placed in the seventh position of top ten European micro cities with best strategies for attracting foreign investments.

fDi Magazine publishes reviews every two years for the entire world. Europe is reviewed in four blocks: North, South, East and West; while cities are separated in five categories: large, larger, middle, small and micro cities.
We already knew Zagreb had lots of potential, and with all the praise coming our way in the last year, it seems others around the world are discovering that for themselves. And we’re glad whenever someone discovers our little secret- that Zagreb is awesome, be it the leading international financial magazine or a backpacking art student.