Zagreb’s First Pancakes Festival This Weekend at Tuskanac

Let’s be honest, everyone loves pancakes. They might be a bit different depending on the culture you live in and its cuisine, but in their essence pancakes are pancakes.  The reason people love them (to the point some call their mayor religious holidays pancake day (shrove Tuesday)) is that its a blank slate among pastries, you put in what you want at the moment and it will taste good (to you).

So its actually kind of mind boggling that Zagreb did not have a pancake festival before now. Pancakes are pretty much a staple of cuisine in every household in Zagreb: having a good day or a bad day – pancakes; feeling great or under the weather – pancakes; failing a class or being a valedictorian – pancakes; had a great first date or broke up with someone – pancakes. You get the idea. So you can imagine that the locals are really hyped about the two day festival.

Taking place at Tuskanac plateau next to the forested hills overlooking Zagreb on Saturday and Sunday, April 16th/17th, the event will host local pancake diners and restaurants with their takes on the pastry, present different pancakes made around the world and of course, have eating contests on Sunday.

There’s a number of side activities as well, from workshops to recipe swaps and free screenings of The Little Prince for children on Sunday, 11 am. The whole festival starts at 10 am on both days and is opened until 7 pm.