9th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living Opens This Weekend

Once a year, Zagreb’s humane society Prijatelji Životinja (Friends of Animals) hosts a two day educational festival of sustainable living, alternative dieting practices, animal protection and eco-friendly consumer habits called ZeGeVege.

Nine years ago, ZeGeVege was more of a one day activist intervention at a public space performed by members of the society, hoping to expose people to alternative lifestyles, mostly those that do not include the consumption of meat or animal tested products. Since then the event had slowly turned into a fully fleshed festival with more than a hundred local and international exhibitors of healthy foods, ecologically friendly products, non-animal tested cosmetics and other segments related sustainable living.


ZeGeVege will be a two day festival held on ban Jelačić square, and will take place on September 2nd (9am – 9pm) and 3rd (9am – 7pm). During the two days, different cooking workshops and lectures on different aspects of veganism, ecology and practices of sustainable living will be held throughout the day,  while the entire square will become a stage for bands and dance troupes that advocate animal rights and nature preservation.

Aside from those activities, visitors will be able to try out different things: from menus of six local restaurants, plant based ice creams, raw cakes, vegan kebabs, hemp burgers, pumpkin noodles, home made energy bars, animal friendly cosmetics, nontoxic household products, solar powered appliances and other sustainable stuff.

The non profit, volunteer based festival is free to attend for everyone.

Photo: Goran Pavletić