Greatest Croatian Opera to Close Zagreb Classic Festival, June 12th

Zagreb Classic, first open air orchestra festival in Zagreb, is closing it’s doors with a bang tomorrow, July 12th, at King Tomislav square. The final night is reserved for Nikola Šubić Zrinjski, an opera by Ivan pl. Zajc performed by the Croatian National Theater opera and ballet ensembles.

The opera performed is one of the two quintessential works in Croatian opera (the other is Ero s Onoga Svijeta (Ero from the Other World)), first performed in 1876. It depict the final days of Nikola Šubić Zrinski, a national and European hero, as he and his men fend of the Ottoman siege of Szigetvar (Siget). Their sacrifice was the turning point in the Europe’s war efforts against the invaders.

The finale of the opera, U Boj, U Boj is performed world wide and was especially popular among the soldiers of the Great War. The song is hugely popular in Japan to this day, it got there when stranded Czech soldiers taught it to the locals.

The performance will start at 9pm and entry is free.