25FPS – festival of experimental film starts today in Student Center

Julien Maire gleefully destroying a camera to teach us its value in the performance Open Core is not what would typically open a film festival. But 25FPS is not a typical film festival. Experimental film has always pushed the medium forward, trying out new techniques, styles, crossing genres and destroying tropes, and for ten years, 25FPS has pushed experimental film forward in Croatia.

Opening this Thursday in Student Center, Savska street 25 with its performance program Cinema without film, 25FPS has entered its eleventh year, and the featured content shows that the festival of experimental film does not shy away from doing their own experiments with new additions to the program that is divided into few sections:

Competition program

A selection of daring and reflexive works from all over the world. At least five awards are being handed out by the Grand Jury, Critics Jury and Audience. Grand Prix by the Grand Jury are cash prizes.

Jury’s choice

Grand Jury is a collective of three domestic and international authors and filmmakers, critics, curators or developers. Each of them designs a special program for the festival – authors’ and national retrospectives or theme programs.

Expanded cinema

Audiovisual performances in which film watching is enriched by codes from other media: theater, music or sculpture. The screening often includes audience, apparatuses, and performers themselves.


Annual selection of innovative Croatian productions. The program promotes bold titles whose authors work in visual arts and various film genres with the unconventional approach to form and narration. In partnership with GreenDCP, 25 FPS Association is awarding the best film with GreenDCP Award.

Kino 23

Fiction, documentary or animated features experimenting in cinematic language. Exceptional films often marked as cult, classics and masterpieces.

The festival runs from September 24th to 27th. For a detailed schedule of screenings, events and parties in English, click here.

Festival Trailer 2015 from 25 FPS on Vimeo.