Location Scouting: Where to Be for Weekend February 5th/6th

FRIDAY, February 5th

Funk club, Tkalciceva street 52, 9pm

Dr. Smedi Secer (Dr. Brow Sugar) is heading out to his parent’s basement to raid their vinyl collections and pick the best of Yugoslavian funk, jazz, beat, progrock, soul, bossa, gypsy, disco and electro hits that were all the rage on the dance floors in the 70s and 80s. The funk is strong in them, sounds fresh, and is guaranteed to make you dance.
(If the song below seems familiar, it’s cause you’ve probably heard Mark Ronson‘s and Bruno MarsUptown Funk. Yep, that fresh.)


ZKM, Teslina street 17, 9 pm

Matija plays Arsen is a homage from a son to his father, both musicians of the highest class in their own rights. Matija Dedic is one of the best jazz pianists in Croatia, and his late father, who passed away last year, is a legend, both for his poetry and his music. The album Matija Svira Arsena (Matija Plays Arsen) came out two months ago and is filled with jazz interpretations of Arsen’s best known songs, Matija’s favorite ones and themes for films and TV shows his father wrote. It’s a homage that does not shy away from being its own thing, and a great jazz experience onto itself, with critics already calling it the potential album of the year.


Vip Club, ban Jelacic square 9, 9pm

Hrvoje Galler, Borko Rupena and Luka Veselinovic are three young jazz instrumentalist that have already received praise for their skill and talent (piano/drums/guitar) at a variety of jazz festivals, and are now presenting their own compositions with a bit of jazz standards they approach in a new and interesting way.


DOBAR HOUSE (Good House)
Sirup club, Koturaska street 1, 12pm

Dobar House is a brand new program created by Tom Bug, a veteran DJ of Zagreb’s house scene, producer and radio host, that’s going to have its premiere on Friday. Tom knows good house music, as his radio shows were picked up by the genre legend Grant Nelson and used in his sets. Tom is bringing along his friend for the premiere party, some old schoolers like Tom & Grade and Apollo Eighteen, and talented newcomers like Flaneur.


AKC Medika, Pierottieva street 11, 9pm

French artist Hante‘s debut LP Fog That Never Ends was released on January 16th, and was immediately called a gem of synth music by the press, describing her music as ‘atmospheric soundscapes with opulent synth pads, minimalist drum beats and sparse bass lines supporting her haunting, solemn voice’


SATURDAY, January 6th


SC/MM centar, Savska street 25, 9pm

Jerusalem In My Heart is an oudio visual project from Montreal based producer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and filmmaker  Charles-André Coderre. While Moumneh is in charge of the audio part of the project, Coderre does visuals on the concerts, using analog projectors and 16 mm loops. A unique mix of contemporary experimental Arabic music and 16 mm film performance that explores the possibilities of celluloid in modern expressions, makes JIMH one of those out there experiences you have to see at least once in your life.


Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall, Stjepan Radic square 4, 8pm

Stray Dogg is considered one of the most important bands of the new generation in Serbia, and has quickly gathered a cult fallowing in the region with their mix of americana, indie rock and folk wrapped up in melancholic expressions that place Stray Dogg in front of the new author scene in the region.  They will be promoting their latest album Come Along Wind. JR August will perform as an opening act, and NLV, one of the most prominent local up-and-comers will have an after party concert in the lounge bar of Lisinski concert hall.    


Masters club, Maksimirska street 132, 10pm

Resident program Kult is hosting the boys from Cosmic Vibes to bring a bit of new drum ‘n’ bass to the earlobes of those in need of dancing. Cosimc Vibes are all over the subgenres latley so one can expect everything from classic, neuro, minimal deep. Whatever your preferred bass line might be, you’ll likely find the frequency for dancing in this two collective collaboration.

Vintage Industrial Bar, Savska street 160, 10pm

Mr. Marley’s birthday is coming up on Sunday, January 7th and Croatia’s most known reggae band Brain Holidays are, now traditionally, celebrating it with a tribute concert, inviting their musician friends to join in and perform some of the legendary musician’s best known hits.