Europe Square Becomes Foodie Haven During Italia Fest Zagreb

Being a ‘foodie’ is an alien concept for most Croats. Not that we don’t love to eat good, just the opposite, almost everyone does. It is no wonder then that Italia Fest is something very welcomed in Zagreb. Our first neighbors across the Adriatic and we share similar Mediterranean diets with little tweaks and turns here and there, so it’s always nice to try out new foods and recipes that come directly from all parts of Apennines peninsula.

Italia Fest Zagreb

And there’s a lot to chew on here (literally!), from Sicilian spiced olives, Montepulcian sausages smoked in a cave and giant sized boloney from Bologna to chilly pepper, basil and garlic soaked prosciutto from Tuscany, Roman pepper spread hams and Modena goat cheese soaked in red wine.

The prices range is some of the foods is over the top, and prices are overall somewhat higher than those of similar local foods, but it’s worth it if you’d like to mix and match two Mediterranean diets.


Italia Fest opens Tuesday, October 27th on Europe square and will last until Sunday, November 1st.