Chainsaws and Art: Watch an Artist Make Ice Sculptures on Gradec Plateau

Gradec plateau next to Klovicevi Dvori gallery will turn into an open air art studio on December 17th and 18th, as Gordan Matkun, a professional ice sculptor, will be carving up blocks of ice to create some interesting pieces. Starting from 7pm each evening, Matkun will try and create one peace a day while presenting his techniques to the public.

‘I was working in an ice block factory for a time. I kept looking at those blocks and was imagining the things i could do with them, they were like empty canvases. I asked my boss if I could give it a go, and thankfully he agreed. Now I make a living out of this’ said Matkun as he prepared his crafting tools; ice clamps, whetstones and chainsaws.

Sculpting has to start in the evening as the temperature during the day is a bit too high for the ice to take it. Matkun will be making ice sculptures well into the night each day. Everyone is welcomed to spectate the process and there’s an ice bar with mulled wine, schnapps and other drinks to keep visitors warm.

Ice sculptures in the making are a part of Advent in Zagreb and are made in association with  Klovicevi dvori gallery.