Non-Servium – first time in Zagreb!

Author: Davor Bijelić

Oi! Oi! Oi! We’re incredibly glad to announce that Non-Servium will finally reach Zagreb on February 28th and play in “Attack” in front of the Croatian audience. Non-Servium, a streetpunk band from Madrid, founded in 1997, became an important name on the European RASH scene. Thanks to their native language, very soon they fame spread across the ocean, especially to South America. Their first two albums, “Orgullo Obrero” and “N.S.A: La Santa Familia”, are pure, heavy Oi!, sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and plodding, while their third album “El Imperio Del Mal” released in 2007 combines streetpunk elements with hardcore music offering a powerful oi-cum-hardcore racket with occasional metal breaks. Their latest material “Resurgir” indicates that Non-Servium have now geared their new sound towards perfection and found a voice of their own – brutal Oi! Torpedo Syndicate Zagreb for the first time brings one of the finest Spanish punk bands of today, so try not to miss this gig. Support will be provided by Croatian hardcore punk legends Motus vita est. Founded in 1988, Motus has more than 28 years of experience on Croatian underground scene, and thanks to their frontman Hogar, the band has never split up. So far they have released seven albums: Motus Vita Est (1988); Cogito Aude (1990); Nasred Puta (1995); Razlike (1998), Psi (2004) and Mašina (2015).

The club opens at 8.30 and the concert is expected to start around 10 pm. You can get your ticket in advance for 70 HRK in Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18) or you directly at the club entrance on the concert day for 90 HRK.