Students From Seven Music Academies Play Together as Part of EUphony Project

EUphony project was initialized five years ago by Zagreb’s Music Academy and Liszt Feren Academy from Budapest in an attempt to straighten cooperation between students from five different Academies (Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana, Graz and Zagreb) in Central Europe. The project started in 2011, when an orchestra combined from students of those Academies and led by conductor Zoltan Koscis held a tour around Hungary. The biennal project then went on a tour in Austria (led by Oswald Sallaberger), and this year, Croatia is the host of the EUphony project. Each time students mostly focus on compositions from the host country.

Now with seven music academies participating in the project, the orchestra is setting on tour around Croatia, starting with Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall. Led by Mladen Tarbuk, the students will perform works from Blagoj Bersa (Sunny Fields), Dora Pejacevic (Phantasie concertante for piano and orchestra) and Richard Strauss (Ein Heldenleben).

Projects like EUphony are an important reminder of the value of shared cultural experiences and cooperation between different nations, especially in the form of learning and interpreting art based on common heritage, in a time when core values are undermined by current political instabilities in the EU.

The concert at Vatrislav Lisinski will be held on Monday, February 29th, starting from 7:30 pm.