Days of Croatian Film Show the Best of Domestic Production Made in the Last Year

There’ a running joke among the cultural workers in Croatia that we are the film festival capital of the world. The joke just might be true if you look at how many film festivals per capita we have (In 2016 there are 60 film festivals scheduled, compared to India with a 100). So it’s save to say we love us some films and festivals. Among all of those, the one that starts today, April 21st, might be the most important one.

While other festivals bring us great art and genre films from all around the world, Days of Croatian Film is a four day festival that features domestic audio visual production created in the past year, with films ranging from features, shorts, documentaries, animated, music videos, experimental, industrial…and awards given to the best of them. Some years are better than the others (as those things go), but as a small film market, the event’s purpose is to celebrate and strengthen the quality of the films produced and bring producers, filmmakers and audiences together in a conversation about our films.

The Days are here mostly for local audiences, without subtitles, but we’ve picked out programs that do have them, or don’t need them.

April 21st, Tuskanac cinema, 7 pm
New Documentaries From the Neighborhood

April 22nd, Vinly Bar and Club, 7 pm
Music Videos

April 23rd, Tuskanac cinema, 5 pm
Visiting films from Days of Slovenian film

April 24th, Tuskanac cinema
Retrospective of animated commercial films from Zageb school of animation 1950 –

April 24th, Tuskanac cinema, 7 pm
Dalibor Baric Retrospecitive (experimental films)

April 24th, Tuskanac cinema, 9 pm
Golden Octavian (lifetime award) retrospective for Nedeljko Dragic

25th Days of Croatian Film starts on April 21st and lasts until April 24th, with the main program being screened at Kino Europa, and all projections are free.