Zagreb – Seoul Direct Flights Announced at 2nd Croatian – Korean Business Club Anniversary Event

Croatian – Korean Business Club, an interest group dedicated in bettering economic and cultural relationships between the two countries, had celebrated its second anniversary yesterday, July 5th at the premises of the Korean Embassy in Zagreb, with many high ranking Croatian  and diplomatic dignitaries present on the event. The event was hosted by the newly appointed ambassador of the Republic of Korea, his excellency Park Won-Sup.

Traditionally, the two countries did not have intensive relationships until a few years back, when a series of popular Korean TV programs filmed in Croatia had peaked an interest of the Korean tourists, who’s number in the last season has reached 350 000. This has, in return, peaked an interest for Korea in Croatia, which made the forming of the business club the next logical step in strengthening the newly formed cultural and business relationships.

Both Mr. Won-Sup and Željko Rainer, the president of Croatian parliament gave speeches about further cooperation between the two countries, while Zoran Horvat, the preident of Croatian – Korean Business Club, had announcement an establishment of direct flight lines between Zagreb and Seoul by autumn this year as the result of growing relationships between the two countries. With a prediction of over 400 000 visits from Korea this year and even more for the next one, a direct flight line is a necessary step in strengthening the newfound bonds between Croatia and Korea.