A Purrfect Weekend For Feline Lovers On The International Cat Show

An international cat show is being held this weekend, November 21st to 22nd, at West Gate Shopping Mall, Zapresicka street 2 on the theme of black cats. There’s going to be all kinds of cats, not to worry, but Zagreb Felinology Society, the organizers of the event, will give out awards to thirteen best costumes of a black cat worn by the presenters.

The show will host cats from Croatia and region, considered ‘the elite’, as the organizers like to point out, or being showcased on the World Show held in Melme in October this year.

The biggest attraction will be the sphynx cats, but other breeds like American Curl, Bengal, Egzot, Maine Coone, Ragdoll, Birman, Siberian, Snowshoe…will also be present.

The show starts at 12am on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday with the Best of Show awards being handed at 7:30 pm Saturday and 4:30 pm Sunday.