Amazing Victory! Croatia Won in the first Round of the European Championship

Croatian national football team won over Turkish national team (Cro 1- Tur 0) in the first round of the European Championship, which takes place in Paris.

The ‘lucky foot’ was Luka Modrić Croatian most famous soccer player. He scored it with long-range volley which brought the victory to our team. Turkish players were ‘paralysed’ in the first half of the game, so they did not make anything to take the ball from Croatian ‘champions’. Croatian team took the advantage of that, and they played excellent defense. Our goal was protected until the end of the duel. The red-white team was awarded a big applause from more than 10,000 people who came to France from Croatia. That is why, after the match, the team remained at the stadium to celebrate the victory with fans, who cheered with them during the whole game!

In the next round, Croatia will play against Czech team, on 17th of June at 6pm.  

Watch the video and enjoy the atmosphere!