Be part of the ‘good ol’ days’ at Vintage Zagreb Festival

Ah, the fifties and the sixties, the good old days…seem fresher than ever on the first Vintage Zagreb festival! For the next ten days out-of-fashion fashion is coming into, well, fashion again, including everything that made the decades so iconic, from the hairstyles, music and dances to design, cars and art.

Starting on Monday, September 7th and running until September 18th ,Vintage Zagreb festival has a mission to bring back the spirit of optimism and aesthetic from those decades onto the streets of Zagreb.

Aside from daily parties and concerts that evoke times past, the festival will feature all kinds of side activities. Croatian fashion designers will showcase their collections inspired by the fifties and the sixties, visitors will be able to learn how to swing, jive, bop and stroll (ask your parents), partake on a variety of fierce competitions (Hula hooping only for the most hardcore of the cool cats) and get the strength to do all that on the food corner serving popular treats of the period.


‘Style was everything in the mid 20th century. Vintage Zagreb will present a whole array of artists that evoke those styles and the retro culture that they come from, and hopefully we’ll be able to convey to our visitors the spirit that made those decades so appealing. said Toni Rico, the organizer and a well known aficionado of the retro styles in the Zagreb scene.

Aside from all the activities, there will be a pop up barber shop that only does retro hairstyles, an old timer exhibition and a selling showcase of furniture and appliances from the forties and the fifties throughout the duration of the festival.

The festival kicks off today with a fashion show at 19:30, a swing dance-off, and Toni Rico himself spinning the vinyl just before Charles Beefcake treats us with his fire eating show at 22h.

The festival takes place in Augusta Cesarca street and is free to attend. You can check out the details here.