Critical mass, a bike ride trough Zagreb for a healthier and safer city

Thinking about taking a tour of the city with a bike on a lazy Sunday? Why not be a part of something bigger while doing it? Cyclist’s Union, an organization that promotes riding bikes as an healthy alternative to cars is marking the end of their ‘Bike to work’ campaign with a mass bike ride trough the city this Sunday afternoon at 5 pm.

Critical mass, as the mass bike ride is called, will start on Roosevelt square (in front of Mimara museum) and will pedal on route Klaiceva – Republike Austrije – Jagiceva – Magazinska – Nova cesta – Kranjceviceva – Cibona – Tratinska – Trecnjevacki square – Vukovarska – Savska – Zagrebacka avenija – Selska cesta – Ozaljska – Trakoscanska – Kranjceviceva – Adzijina. You’ll get to explore a big chunk of Tresnjevka, one of quintessential Zagreb neighborhoods, finishing the route in a park in front of Medvedgrad pub where the after party will take place. 

This is the tenth year Critical mass is organized. It started as a movement to improve infrastructural conditions for bike riders around the city and is still an activist event promoting healthy lifestyle alternatives, a higher traffic culture for all participants and better conditions for bikers.