This Concerts at Europe Square Will Make You Dance the Cold Away!

Some will make you dance the cold away, some will warm you with their melodies and some will make you rise your glass of warm mulled wine in celebration of life, love and music, but none of the bands playing on Advent at Europe Square will leave you unmoved.

Gathering some of the finest young talents on the scene, Advent at Europe square is a sure bet for a good time, both for those seeking that warm feeling of Christmas spirit and those looking to discover great music (with some international guests).

TUESDAY, December 15th
Porto Morto

Porto Morto blew up on the alternative scene with their genre undefined music about a year ago. The nine member band uses all it has in its arsenal; guitars, trumpets, accordions, double bass, violins…make up the music to the ears of many collage and scene girls in Zagreb. They’ve just finished their sold out regional tour as the opening act for Pips Chips and Videoclips, one of the most famous and cult bands in this part of Europe, and are doing this special show for their hometown fans.


WEDNESDAY, December 16th

Nikol, Luka and Vedran’s sound will melt the heart of any Grinch out there. Nikol’s deep and smooth voice is like honey, and accompanied by Luka and Vedran’s light and warm tunes, makes the perfect sound for a easy evening out with friends under Europe square’s thousand glimmering hearts.

THURSDAY, December 17th
Okino Shuja

Okino is better known as part of Kyoto Jazz Massive, a project started with his brother Yoshihiro, that got world wide attention on the electronic music scene during the 2000’s. Shuja is coming to Zagreb as a solo act, with a more intimate, but still very energetic set that will make you dance. The concert is a must for any electronic music fan out there.

FRIDAY, December 18th
Tihana i Tatini Sinovi (TITS)

Tihana Lazovic is riding on the wave of success at the moment, as Zvizdan, the feature film she plays the main role in, won awards at Cannes and many other film festivals this year and is currently running for Academy Awards nominations. With all the roles coming in, Tihana still makes time for her pet project Tihana i Tatini Sinovi, a jazzy cover band formed with sons of famous Croatian directors and actors (tatini sinovi translates into daddy’s little boys, a term used for children who build their careers and open doors thanks to their father’s names). TITS will play as part of the short film marathon held on Europe square this friday.

SATURDAY, December 19th
Pink Studio

Pink Studio’s power pop leaves a bitter sweet taste in the mouth with their cheerful tunes and dark toned lyrics about interpersonal relationships, but no matter your relationship status at the moment or knowledge of Croatian language, their music will make you dance, and maybe, fall in love with someone dancing next to you.

SUNDAY, December 20th
Mnogi Drugi

One might not understand what Mnogi Drugi are singing about on a first listen (we’re having a hard time following all the themes explored and language acrobatics in their lyrics) but it won’t stop one’s feet from moving to their music, be it to their more laid back songs or powerful progressions that kick you into movement from the stage.

All concerts at Europe square are free and start at 8:30 pm.